Bs theses list 2 RSS feed for public list Bs theses list 2 Airport planning and management [BS Aviation] / by Ahmad, Muhammad Assessing cultural competence change in graduate students following a diversity course [M. Phil Sociology] : by Unsa Dastgir Butt Automatic mobile profile [BS SE] / by Mudassar Hussain Building information modeling (BIM) based modeling of a residential building [B .Sc Civil Engineering] / by Anas Javed Consumer's voice [BS Computer Science] / Design and fabricate aircraft fuel mock up system with two tanks [BS Aircraft]/ by Haider Ijaz E-health [BS Computer Science] / Emotion recognition through audio and facial expressions [BS Computer Science] / by Abdullah Yousaf Extraction purification and characterization of xylanase from bacillus subtilis [BS Biotechnology] / by Masooma Iqbal Fabrication of prototype model for rod power generation from kinetic energy [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Abdul Raheem, Hafiz Muhammad HARIS (human aid robotics and intelligent systems) [BS Computer Science] / Hybrid solar-wind and pumped-hydro powered home [BS Electrical Engineering] / by Farrukh Mushtaq ICC cricket world cup 2019 matches predictor [BS Software Engineering] / Impact of cabin crew services on air carrier business [BS Aviation Studies] / by Saad Khan, Muhammad Indoor robot positioning system [BS Telecommunication and networks] / Local advertisement service [BS ] / by Wajahat Hussain Medical home assistance [BS Computer Science] / by Talha Rashid Mera brand (E-Furniture mart) [BS Computer Science] / by Khurram Rashid, Hafiz Muhammad Open-source EMR software packages evaluation and selection on the basis of multiple criteria using AHP integrated TOPSIS [BS Software Engineering] / by Arshman Khalid, Muhammad Prevalence of ACL injury in soccer players [DPT Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Prevalence of forward head posture (FHP) and its association with neck pain among computer using employees [Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Prevalence of musculoskeletal complains among menopausal women [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Prevalence of musculoskeletal problems in dentists of Lahore [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / RealShop (E-Commerce Website) [BS Software Engineering] / by Bilal Ahmad Shorthand converter [MS Computer Science] / by Hassan Farooq Smart cane [BS Computer Science] / Thematic analysis of women protagonist in the novel "the joys of motherhood' in African feminist perspective [BS (Hons) English Literature] / by Sara Jaleel Rao Virtual dressing machine [BS Computer Science] / by Haider Saleem [BS Software Engineering] / by Zahid Ali