BS theses list RSS feed for public list BS theses list 3-D brush drilling machine [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Asad Ahmed A bi-pedal walking robot [BS Electrical Engineering] / A comparative study of patients of upper cross syndrome with neck pain in computer users and non users [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Adscone [BS Computer Science] / Aerogel as insulation in aircraft structure [BS Aviation] / by Fahad Mushtaq AI convo droid [BS Computer Science] / by Aakif Nadeem, Muhammad Aircraft storage and preservation via corrosion control [BS Aviation] / by Omer Mustafa An estimate of HBV and HCV seroprevalence in Muzaffarabad. AJK, Pakistan [BS Biochemistry] / by Iffat Rashid Android application for kids [BS Software Engineering] / by Arsalan Arif Animated robot with two arms (BS program) [+CD] by Ahsan Javed Antibacterial activity of graphene oxide nanocomposites with copper doped zinc oxide nanoparticles [BS Chemistry] / by Nabeeha Association between TMJ disorder & balance phenomenon [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / AutoCart [BS Software Engineering] / by Kanwal Ghani Automated fiinal year project management system [BS Software Engineering] / by Rizwan Ishaq Sheikh, M. Automated fingerprint identification system (+CD) by Waqar Hussain Automatic grass cutter with collector [BS Electrical Engineering] Automation of a brush tufting machine using multi axis automatic control system [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Hamza Arif Awareness of physiotherapy and its services among university students [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / B2B market place for travel industry [BS Software Engineering] / by Abdullah Muhammad Asghar Baluchistan's public administration flaws and foreign direct investment in the province [BS Public Administration] / by Ahmed bin Yousaf Beat zombies [BS Software Engineering] / by Hamza Aslam Beauty and the beast [BS Fashion and Design] / by Rafia Abdul Manan Benefits of one belt one road for Pakistan, China Russian [BS Public Administration] / by Mamonah Sattar Blockchain based identity management system [BS Software Engineering] / by Salman, Muhammad Bourgeoisic condition in the scarlet letter [BS English Language and Literature] / by Gulraiz Falak Bridging reimagined [BS Interior Design] : by Rida Mukhtar Budget based tourism [BS Computer Science] / by Ali Asad ur Rehman Centralized HealthCare system using Blockchain [BS Computer Science] / Citizen online [BS Software Engineering] / by Hamza Maqsood Clutter and jammer mitigation for airborne radars using space-time adaptive signal processing [BS Electrical Engineering] / by Muhammad Hassan Cogeneration; combined heat & power (CHP) [BS Electrical Power & Energy] / by Ummar Ijaz, M. Communication error at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore (ATC and Pilots) [BS Aviation Management] / by Amir Sohail Comparison of foot health between male young athletes and non-athletes [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Comparison of prevalence of musculoskeletal pain among club level cricketers of Lahore and Glasgow [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Computer-aided analysis of phytochemicals as potential inhibitors against NS5B protein of HCV [BS Biotechnology] / by Noor ul Saba Controlling and monitoring of grid station through wireless communication [BS Electrical Power & Energy] / by Ali Murtaza Cool & cool club [BS Software Engineering] / Corrosion in materials and measures for its prevention [BS Aviation] / by Shayan Hafeez Currency recognition and location informer for blinds [BS Software Engineering] / by Junaid Sarwar Dark tetrad, impulsivity and Cyberbullying among young adults [BS Psychology] / by Khusbakht Pari DealsPayDeals [BS Information Technology] / by Mehwish Ali Delfood [BS Computer Science] / Design & fabrication of pick & place robotic arm [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Dawood, Muhammad Design & implementation of socalr charger with cascade DC to DC convertor & harmoics (BS program) [+CD] by Ali, Muhammad Design and construction of workbench cum toolbox [BS Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology] / Design and fabrication of solar HDH water desalination system [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Tayyab, Muhammad Design and fabriction of sub-sonic open type wind tunnel [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Qazi Fahad Tarik Design, analysis & fabrication for prototype of cross flow helical hydel turbine [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Bilal, Muhammad Designing and implementation of E-cart (smart cart) [BS Electrical Power & Energy] / by Abuzar Iqbal, M. Designing and implementation of Mars Rover (Rocker Bogie) [BS Telecommunication and networks] / by Musadiq Mumtaz Diabetic retinopathy detection using deep learning [BS Software Engineering] / by Muaaz Arif Rasul Discovery of inhibitory potential of phytochemicals against NS1 protein of influenza a virus subtuype H3N2 [BS Biotechnology] : by Ramisha bint-e-Nasir Dison's shoot [BS Software Engineering] / by Saman Zaheer Double reading of keats' odes [BS English Literature] : by Abis Raza, Muhammad Easebook [BS Software Engineering] / by Ahmad Tariq, Muhammad Eco-minimalist dwelling [BS Interior Design] / by Hira Mushtaq Economic solar dryer for indigenous usage [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Amir Shashzad Effect of hollow glass sphere in thermal insulation of enamel paint [BS Chemistry] / by Adnan Amjad Effect of nutrient-rich meat-broth on nutritional, sensory and storage properties of gelatin-based organogel [DNS Doctor of Nutrition Sciences] / Efficiency enhancement of solar panel with automatic water cooling system [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Usama Maood, Hafiz Electricity bill payment system [BS Computer Science] / Elysium- a piece of paradise [BS Fashion and Design] / by Maira Hassan Emart (electronic mart) [BS Computer Science] / by Nayab Aman Emotion detection using deep convolutional neural network [BS Computer Science] / by Aymun Saif ur Rehman Dar Evaluation of arsenic from drinking water and its treatment [BS Chemistry] / by Zeeshan Akhtar Ch. Evaluation of growth stimulator producing halo-tolerant bacteria for improved plant growth [BS Biotechnology] / by Samra Ali Bhatti Explodia [BS Software Engineering] / by Hassan Umer Extraction and purification of lipase from Aspergillus Niger [BS Biotechnology] / by Nimra Babar Extraction of beta-carotene from carrot in different types of oils and its utilization in different food products [BS Doctor of Nutrition Sciences (DNS)] / Fabrication and implementation of dual axis solar tracker in UMT [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Abdullah Sheikh, Muhammad Fabrication and thermal analysis of solar still using phase change material [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Shahid, Muhammad Facebook page reporting platform [BS Computer Science] / by Haseeb Qamar Final year project suite [BS software engineering] / First person shooter android game [BS Software Engineering] / by Hamza Javaid, Muhammad First person shooter game [BS Computer Science] / by Areeb Abbas FoodPool [BS Computer Science] / Foreign direct investment and its impact on economic growth [BS Economics] / by Saad bin Khalid Friends & family positioning system without using GPS [BS Software Engineering] / by Hamza Saqib Future death racing (single/multiplayer game] [BS Computer Science] / by Ahad Javed, Muhammad Futuristic[BS Fashion and Design] / by Aun Muhammad GC-MS analysis of methanolic extracts of alcea setosa (leaves and flowers) [BS Biotechnology] / by Aqsa Fayyaz Gender based prevalence of ultrasound detected non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and its associated risk factors [BS MI and USG] / Generation of electricity from speed breaker (Bs program) [+CD] by Talaha Khan, M. Green synthesis of copper oxide nanoparticles using Plumaria Alba, their characterization and applications[BS Biochemistry] / by Maira Nadeem Dar Green synthesis of nickle oxide nanoparticles from plumaria rubra and their environmental applications [BS Biochemistry] / by Maira Mahwish Javed Green synthesis of silver nano-particles and their characterization [BS Biochemistry] / by Shanza Liaqat Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles from plumaria obtusa and evaluation of their activities [BS Biochemistry] / by Akber Khan, Mohammad Green synthesis of zinc doped copper oxide (Zn-CuO) nanoparticles by using gallic acid and study of their antimicrobial properties [BS Chemistry] / by Aman Sabir Ground truth and feature vector generation; rotation of invariant thumb recognition approaches [BS Computer Science] / by Sundas Ayaz Guard of diamond [BS Computer Science] / by Fahad Hussain, Muhammad Hajj information system [BS Information Technology] / by Salman Ahmed Halliday discourse analysis of John Donne's love poems [BS (H) English Literature] / by Shumaila Zulqarnain Hardware implementation & control of single phase DC-DC & DC-AC inverter with improved power quality (BS program) [+CD] by Shahbaz, Muhammad Heating ventilaiton and air conditioning (HVAC) [BS program] [+CD] by Salman Afzal, M. Home automation [BS Computer Science] / by Danyal, Muhammad Home care expert [BS Computer Science] / by Hamza Maqbool Hospital associated variation in nutritional status and dietary compliance of elderly patients [BS Doctor of Nutrition Sciences] / HosTrack (Hospital tracking system) [BS Computer Science] / Hubbud (hobby-buddy) [BS Computer Science] / by Abtasam ul Haq ICT & work / life balance in the life of academics [BS Sociology]/ by Javeria Zakir Identification of anti-microbial activity of seed extract of nigella sativa [BS biochemistry] / by Sundas Rais Impact of cabin crew services on air carrier business [BS Aviation Studies] / by Saad Khan, Muhammad Implementation of child labor law in Pakistan [LLB Laws] : by Noof Ali Inside the venomous [BS Textile Design] / by Umm i Rubab Alvi Instant tailor [BS Computer Science] / by Asama, Muhammad Insufficient technology of security in Pakistan [BS Aviation] / by Albar Khan, Muhammad Interactive cooking [BS CS / Interactive English rhymes application [BS Computer Science] / by Bilal Aslam, Muhammad Intrusion detection system using deep learning [BS Computer Science] / IOT based data acquisition of smart socket [BS Telecommunication & Network] / by Hassan Ali Isolation and characterization of begomoviral(es) infecting ornamental plants [BS Biotechnology] / : by Kissa Ali Gardezi, Syeda Isolation and characterization of thermophilic bacteria [BS Biotechnology] / : by Ulfat Ali Shah Isolation of alkaliphiles and molecular characterization of their B-glucosidase [BS Biochemistry] / by Imama Ansari Job on click [+CD] by Asma Nawaz [BS Software Engineering] / by mahtab Sher Khan Kreski [BS Computer Science] / by Haseeb Bukhsh, Muhammad Learning hub [BS Software Engineering] / by Nabeel Ashfaq, Muhammad Load management scheme on transformers using SCADA "an effective solution of load shedding" [BS Electrical Engineering] / by Talha Rauf Pitafi Lungs cancer detection using deep learning [BS Software Engineering] / by Adnan Khan Malware detection using deep neural network [BS Computer Science] / Micro-grid controlling using D-statcom [BS Electric Power and Energy Systems] / by Omair Muhammad Aslam Javaid Mixed reality shopping mall [BS Computer Science] / by Arham Idrees Movie recommendation chatbot [BS Computer Science] / by Ahmad Nadeem Multimple level inverter controlling the speed of induction motor by using PWM techniques (BS program) [+CD] by Aqib Khalid Muslim Salah iOS [BS Computer Science] / by Umer, Muhammad My Personal assistant [BS Software Engineering] / by Sheharyar Masood Online ambulance alert system [BS Computer Science] / Online assistant [BS Computer Science] / by Abdullah, Muhammad Online auction system [BS SE] / by Sabiha Akram Online boutique shop website (BS program) [+CD] / by Saifullah Ansari, M. Online car modifying [BS Software Engineering] / by Mudasir Ali Nawaz Online grocery application [BS IT] / by Ramish Irfan, Muhammad Online railway reservation and tracking system [BS Computer Science] / by Saima Khan Niazi Online sports store [BS Computer Science] / by Abeer Riaz, M. Optimization of rolling circle amplification for the detection of circular phytopathogenic DNA viruses [BS Biochemistry] / Origami athenaeum [BS Textile and Design] / by Muqaddes Sana Out of the box [BS Graphic Design] / by Fasiha Anwar Overhead transmission line cleaning robot [BS Electrical Engineering] / Pak Real Estate [CD] by Qasim, Muhammad Patient health care [BS Software Egnineering] / by Momna Saleem Perception of university students about sexual harassment at educational institutions [BS Psychology] / by Mashaam Wasif Performance of flywheel energy storage on wind power generation [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Shahryar Majeed Siddiqui Pharmacy online [BS Computer Science] / by Abdul Rehman Tariq Planero [BS Computer Science] / by Ali Hassan Plant-mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles by using chichorium intybus and their characterization [BS Biochemistry] / by Umera Nawaz Post traumatic incidence of knee among males and females [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Power generation by feet stamping [BS Mechanical Engineering] / by Safir Ahmed Prevalance and knowledge of urinary incontinence and awareness of physical therapy treatment among young females of Lahore [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Prevalence of HCV genotypes in Lahore, Pakistan [BS Biochemistry] / Prevalence of low back pain and disability levels in fast bowlers [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Prevalence of low back pain and its association with sitting, standing and social life among teachers of universities in Lahore [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in security guards of Lahore, Pakistan [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Prevalence of neck pain in bank workers of Lahore, Pakistan [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Prevalence of non-specific neck pain among fresh graduates [DPT Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Prevalence of plantar fascists among nurses of teaching hospitals [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Prevalence of postural changes during pregnancy on REDCCO scale [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / Prevalence of upper trapezius tightness due to chronic neck pain and poor posture in university[BS DPT] / Production, purification and characterization of asparaginase from bacteria e.coli (escherichia coli) [BS Biotechnology] / by Fatima Amin Productivity improvement tools in apparel industry [BS Textile Technology and Management] / by Khadija Saleem Project bank [BS Computer Science] / by Fatima Malik R-Pi robot (BS program) [+CD] / by Jamal Ahmad Retrieval of information through fingerprints matching [BS Computer Science] / by Farhad Khan Samburu tribe "vibe attract the tribe" [BS Fashion and Design] / by Aqsa Fatima Sartean reading of Nihilation and heterosexual dynamics of gaze in dystopian feminist science fiction the handmaid's tale by Margaret Atwood [BS (Hons) English Literature] / by Rameen Ijaz School management system [BS Software Engineering] / by Asif Ali SecureCapture [BS Software Engineering] / Sentiment analysis of E-commerce mobile app for product rating [BS Software Engineering] / Shughal-IT [BS Computer Science] / by Shoaib Yousaf Single axix solar tracking system (concentrated photovoltaic cell) [BS Electrical Engineering] / by Manzar Hussain Skynario [BS Software Engineering] / by Maaz Asim Small scale wind energy conversion system [BS Electrical Engineering] / by Shahzaib Abbas Smart electricity system [BS Computer Science] / by Amna Sheikh Smart glasses with audio aid for visually impaired and blind persons [BS Electrical Engineering] / by Mohsin Ali Smart hospital coordinator [BS Software Engineering] / Social networking website [BS Computer Science] / Solar powered spy drone [BS Electric Power and Energy] / by Harron Ahmad Steampunk [BS Fashion and Design] / by Noureen Hanif Study of antimicrobial activity and molecular docking of phytochemicals in Olea Europaea[BS Biochemistry] / by Fasiha Arif Study of antimicrobial activity of the extracts obtained from the alcea setosa leaves and flowers [BS Biochemistry] / by Anwal Raza Study of HLA polymorphism (HLA-B and HLA-C) in local population [BS Biochemistry] / by Maham Ashfaq Study of HLA polymorphism (HLA-DQA & HLA-DQB) in local population [BS Biotechnology] / by 38 Study of HLA-A HLA-DR polymorphism in local population, Pakistan [BS Biotechnology] / by Mishal Shahzadi Subjugation through hate speech in the heart of darkness [BS (Hons) English Literature] / by Komal Manzoor Surgical strike [BS Computer Science] / by Moeed Ahmad Survey of marketing strategies of Lahore based travel agents in competitive market [BS Aviation Management]/ by Waqas, Muhammad Syntesis, spectroscopic charactyerization & addition of carbon nanoparticles as an additive to lead-acid battery [BS Chemistry] / by Ayesha Maqbool Synthesis and comparative study of photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanoparticles and TiO2/polyaniline composite [BS Chemistry] / by Aeman Synthesis and optical studies of mono azo dye water solvent with different metals for waste water treatmernt [BS Chemistry] / by Rawal, Muhammad Synthesis and optical study of azo dyes in different solvent with different metals [BS Chemistry] / by Saba Kiran Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic applications of Ni(OH)2 nanoparticles & Ni(OH)2/g-C3N4 nanocomposite [BS Chemistry] / by Iqra Shahid The business blockchain : by Mougayar, William The difference of perception between passenger satisfaction and airline industry from a service gap model [BS Aviation Management] / by Utba Nawaz, Muhammad The Dissertation of human psyche and personality in the novel the forty rule of love by Elif Shafaq [BS (Hons) English Literature] / by Afroze Zahra The future of antiquity museum [BS Textile and Design] / by Aanab Ahmad The impact of ICT tools such as smart phones and tablets based application incorporating speech assessments and games on children with mild and moderate ID [BS Information Technology] / ] / by Nayyab Noor The pilots being trained are not inducted in Pakistani airlines [BS Aviation Studies] / by Rubab Nawaz The prevalence of urinary incontinence in primigravida in third trimester [BS Doctor of Physiotherapy] / The role of social media and big data in politics [MS Software Engineering] / by Quratulain The traces of male domination under the case of novel "honor" by Elif Shafak through the lens of post structural feminism theory [BS (Hons) English Literature] / by Ayesha Farooq Theory and philosophy in education research : There is significant passenger baggage damage [BS Aviation Studies] / by Moazzam Ali, Syed Thinking in education research : by Peim, Nick To determine the incidental findings on ultrasound in patients with abdomino-pelvic pain [BS Medical Imaging & Ultrasonography] / by Aleena Bano Tourish tribe [BS Software Engineering] / by Danish Ali [BS Software Engineering] / by Waseem, Muhammad Two rivals [BS Software Engineering] / by Omer Tariq UMT social network [BS Computer Science] / User friendliness of passenger handling [BS Aviation Management] / by Usman Hashmat, Muhammad Utilization of aviation qualified graduates by the aviation organizations in Pakistan [BS Aviation Management] / by Azhar Mushtaq, Mohammad VAPSM-A prototype smart meter [BSc Electrical Engineering] / Vehicle collision prevention system (VCPS) [BS Software Engineering] / by Hamza Mukhtar Vision based UVA for suspect recognition and following [BS Electrical Engineering] / Visual perception o forms way-out of depression [BS Fashion and Design] / by Ayesha Mansoor Weight carrying flying machine [BS Computer Science] / by Talha Yousaf Wildlife is a hazard in aviation and what are its mitigation strategies & techniques [BS Aviation] : by Bilal Ahmad Worker's efficiency calculation using leap motion sensor [BS Electrical Engineering] / Zaamin [BS Computer Science] / by Aqib Hafeez